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it's warm and humid. do you notice that? >> i didn't notice anything. i can't smell anything right now. i can't feel anything. >> welcome to my world. w we're quiet. we might have fog developing here. should be a partly sunny day today.toda possibility of a few showers best chance to the west and the mountains. can't completely promise that we'll be dry here. be ready for the possibility off showers or storms later this afternoon. better chance tomorrow with aow cold front. more on that later. 88 the daytime high. >> thank you, tucker. t >> we'll check in with julie write and get a look at the commute. >> it's not hump day for me m either because today is my friday! >> let's not talk anymore about that. [ laughter ] >> travels along new york avenue lanes open leaving bladensburg
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road headed to the third street tuj. in good shape for folks headed south. didn't see road rock traveling to rockville to the split. between college park and bethesda light traffic. between route 4 and pennsylvanis avenue traffic volume at speed. overnight road work has cleared. for folks traveling along 66 light volume coming out of manassas and northbound 95. this is the live shot. we check out the cameras headed north sox far you are at speed traveling northbound trying to work out towards dale city. c that's a check of your fox 5 onn time traffic. >> a big story we're following this morning. it's sentencing day for bradley manage. >> he faces up to 90 years in in prison for leak hundreds of thousands of battlefield reports and other information to wikileaks. did he no working as an intelligence analyst in iraq. he leaked a video of a helicopter attack in baghdad that killed nine people.
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defense teams are asking no more than 25 years behind bars.. the judge hands down the sentence at 10:00 a.m. this morning. today in fort hood we could hear from the man who admits to shooting soldiers. now it's army major naddal hassan's turn. he is representing himself. the judge told him he cannot make statements only ask himself questions and answer them. it's latest twist in the bizarre court martial for the 2009 shooting that killed 13 and wounded dozen more. here at home new testimony in the murder trial of the man accuse of killedding a local loc college student. they say van necessarya pham -- vanessa pham shot back and had more than a dozen defense wounds in her car. >> julio blanco-garcia nevero-ga looked up as the doctor described in vivid detail how
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vanessa pham last her life in 2010. fighting with both hands beforef being fatally stabbed in stabbee neck and chest. >> it would not be initially fatal. bleeding out was the mechanism of her death. she bled, bled, bled out.ut. >> dr. williams told the court vanessa pham had numerous slash and stab wounds to the face, f chest and knees. would it be painself in would she have time think?? to both questions dr. williams said yes. police found a number of items inside her car including a cloth baby diaper and a baby bottle. claire mcdonald said she had had been in the teen's car the nighg before and had not seen a baby bottle. defense attorneys say julio blawrchgo -- blanco-garcia had his daughter in the car.
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>> she showed the seatbelt pham was wearing with a slit will you through the middle and the blade and handle that separated and left inside the car after the assault. >> the prosecution told the jury in opening statements that itmet was a premeditated willful and deliberate crime but the defense is saying that julio blanco-garcia had his babyy daughter with him that day. he was high on pcp and when he asked for a ride to the hospital he basically freaked out and sensed danger when she took a wrong turn and that's when he pulled out knife n. fairfax, fox 5 news. >> now to ann arundel county where voters are calling for delegate don dwyer to resign. he was arrested and charged with drunk driving two weeks after he pleaded guilty to operating a boat drunk last summer thatha accident fractured the skull of a five-year-old girl. voters are expressing extreme
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disappointment and losing support in the legislature, tooa >> he can resign. we can do better. not necessarily as a better but a better person making better decisions. he has a problem. >> now to concern for a constituents of him. h out of concern for other people's safety, out of concern for him, i'm asking for his resignation.resi >> dwyer fold police he had two beers but failed three field fi tests and refused to take a breathalyzer test.e his sentencing for the boatingot accident is next month.. his recent arrest will likely come up at the ethics meeting.ei it will also address a complaint against a judge and possible conflict of interest involving a driving bill he voted for in 11. >> a baseball player suspended s five games and we'll tell youel why just ahead.
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>> help for people in the district looking for a job. >> a baby boy is just fine thist morning after a roadside delivery. we'll hear from the woman who helped the parents anthd tell yu his name when we come back. stay with us. time now 4:36.
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>> welcome back. bac a washington state soldier willr be awarded the medal of honoronr next week. the purple heart recipient wasit served as a calvary scout in afghanistan. the army reports carter foughtr in one of war's deadliest fire fights a six hour battle. resupplied ammunition, fought enemy troops and risked his life to save a soldier. if you live in the district it's your lucky day. eleanor holmes norton is holding a job fair today. it's at the washington convention center and there are
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workshops from 10:00 to 11 a.m. and it runs from 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. this is a free event but you need to bring proof of a d.c. residency. more than 100 employers are federal, state and local companies are going to be there. >> as the redskins take on the bills saturday a question on o many fans minds is will kurt cousins play. he sprained his foot during the game against the steelers and the good news is x-rays show it's a mild sprain. no need to worry. while he may not be ready for f the game this weekend he ise i expected to play in a season opener in three weeks. remember this whole incident that before. pitcher who hit a-rod sunday night? major league baseball has suspend ryan dumpster five games. you see joe girardi who was find for getting into an argument with the umpire. a-rod is appealing a 250 game
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suspension. >> it's about time they crack down on that. >> you say that. >> coming out of woodwork in every possible way. >> america's most well known doctor helped rescue a woman hit by a taxicab on a busy street.te how bystanders saved her life after we check in with tucker barnes. >> wisdom another summery day.. upper 80s to 90. details on the weather forecast. julie wright tells but traffic and weekend plans coming up after the break. -4- ♪
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because when you keep going, the morning can bring you to brand new places. ♪ nature valley. nature at its most delicious. >> welcome back. first dave school today in maryland. >> is it? >> yes. >> right. should be nice. >> partly cloudy conditions, warm and humid.umid upper 80s. maybe a few of us in nientmentmt closer to the water upper 80s. yeah. >> and still the potential for that fog to redevelop this
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morning. >> just like yesterday.este remember that? god it was so thick. thi >> not as thick as yesterday. >> good, okay. >> yesterday things got crazy for a couple hours. today it's -- we're still watching it but it's further to the west. here is a story. we've got the risk of a shower or thunderstorm back in thek in forecast later today. not a good chance. maybe a 20% or 30% chance.nce. however, very warm and humid atmosphere. we're in a summery pattern another couple of days and things change up.nge 74 in washington. it's warm and noticeably more humid than it was 24 hours ago. 74 in quantity quo. 72 in annapolis. 60's to the north and west. w 67 out of dulles, 63 this thi morning in frederick. fre cooler in frederick. fog developing generally wellaly out to the west. culpepper getting fog now. manassas and fog across the bay towards cambridge where visibilities are down to a mile. shire look at the satellite
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radar. quiet to start the day. still dealing with a front to the south and west. w a little piece of energy moving in later today to a warm and humid atmosphere.humi we know what happens when thatt process takes place. afternoon showers and thunderstormtes developing. widely scattered. not expecting a lot of showerr and thunderstorm today.ay. expecting warm and humidid conditions with highs in the 80s to 90. this is a cold front. that gets in here tomorrow. i think tomorrow a better chance of -- bless you sarah. better chance of showers and thunderstorms around as thatrm front moves ons through. t once that front gets south and east of us during the day on friday we're looking at a great set up for the weekend. another beautiful weekend. could be a shower orr thunderstorm possible. early shower or storm. things quieting down over night warm and humid conditionss expected to condition. possible storms with the cold front 90. behind that front graduallyly nicer on friday, less humid.
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there might be an early storm on friday and saturday and stunned much, much nicer.cer. lower 80s. lower humidity and sunshine. >> that key, lower humidity. >> i did hear him say early storm on friday. does that mean early our time. >> there's questions aboutstio exactly how quickly that frontlt will get through the region late thursday, early friday. fit changes up there could be aa storm or two around on friday. >> a little ways out.ut. give us time though. >> we'll try to push it out of here. >> sounds good.>> s >> let's talk to julie wright wi pushing out of here after today. >> you are on vacation again? >> yeah. >> look at you. you take off every other week. this is true. >> thank you. you see i went silent. i have nothing to say now. turning it back on me. [laughter] >> all right. you guys, well, 95 this morning quiet. no issues to report for folks
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headed northbound continuing north. all lanes open heading north. all lanes open continuing north of 395 leaving duke street. overnight construction has has cleared. no issues to report at this time for folks traveling along ken yilworth avenue leaving earnving from the d.c. line too pennsylvania avenue. a all lanes open southbound along 270 coming inbound from hyattstown to german town. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you, julie. in the news this morning a 28-year-old woman faces charges in connection with a hit and rur accident involving a man in a wheelchair. it took place saturday in waldorf. investigators say after analyzing information obtained at the scene they identified th vehicle and the driver. >> sufficient face to say -- suffice to say we're confident
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it was the vehicle involved inn the crash and she was driving it at the time of the crash. c >> the sheriff's office has not released the identity of the driver. they are talking with thee state's attorney's office to determine what charges are filef in this case. as for the victim he is out of hospital and recovering at home. also in the news this morning a british woman's new york city vacation ruined when a cab jumped the curb and crashed into her leaving her life in seriouso jeopardy. >> several people rushed to help out including dr. oz. o >> one of the busiest intersections the corner of 49th and sixth became the scene of one of most grizzly accident scenes. here to help was one of best known doctors in america, dr. oz. >> my office is right.s there i'm literally across the street. the r in radio city music hallic is where my office is. i have the medical unit. we stopped the cab on the curb.r
4:49 am
we realized it had gone up on the curb and we were aware of of it. >> about it time he and his team made it down here a plumber working nearby had arrived on scene. dr. oz says that man, david justino single handedly saved a 23-year-old british tourist's life. she had her left foot severed. her right leg was held together by her skin. s thanks to the quick thinking of the plumber he was able to stop the bleeding. >> i took my belt off, put it by her leg and held it as tight ast i could. >> a dog leash and a belt but they saved her life. we stopped the bleeding you don't have much time. you pour out blood when your leg is severed. >> during the chaos another manr came to help.
4:50 am
max crespo put the foot in the bucket while asking for ice to preserve the limb. >> his girlfriend, super model heidi lingrend treated this outt saying i think my boyfriendoyfr might be superman. dr. oz said hearing the victim scream inning any is something he wouldn't forget. >> she grimaced at the pain and a blood curling scream it's utterly not loud just deep inside of her and it's somethinm you never want to experience. >> that's a horrific accident. >> yeah and the fact that they rushed down there and the right things were there. a dog leash and random things able to save her life. >> amazing. >> another amazing story in a in good way. another baby makes a grand entrance to the world on theld side of road. o >> this happened within minutesn and up next we hear from the the
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emergency dispatcher who helped the family through the birth. you don't want to miss this story. coming up. time is 4:51. 
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>> back now at fox 5 morningno news. it's a live look in southern maryland. it's in st. mary's county on the side of thomas johnson bridge and the families are no doubt up early this morning as it is the first day of school there.of s >> yeah. >> a little bit more traffic on the roads starting earlier today. >> speaking of first day of school wire continue to show yow the back-to-school selfies we've been talking about blg. this is joey. this is joey on the first day of high school in calvert county. c lo begun at you. >> yeah. thank you for tweeting us, mom. have a great year, joey. tweet us your first day photos at please use the #back-to-school
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selfie. >> excited to go back. >> see your friends get caught up. you are probably caught up anyway because of twitter and facebook. you see them more. >> true. >> a father-to-be picks up a phone for help and in less than five minutes the baby boy isoy born. >> it happened on the side ofn h the road yesterday morning.orni feels like we're talking about o this more and more every day. >> it's like a regular occurrence. >> lauren demarco sat down with the emergency operator whor helped the parents through the delivery. >> county 911 when is the location of your emergency? >> we're -- i'm on 100 my wife is in labor. >> it was a conversation megan m says she'll never forget. f the howard county 911 dispatcher has received calls about labor pains before but this was a first. >> the water is broken and they feel like they are in labor but they don't have the baby until the hospital or maybe in thebe i ambulance. >> in this case mom and dad pulled over on the highway because the baby was not going o to wait.
4:55 am
you can hear the father's disbelief in the 911 recording. >> she's saying she's delivering. >> so she's full term right now? >> >> he was calm. i think a lot calmer than i would be if i were on the other end. >> within seconds it was go time.. so the head is out sir? >> yes. >> the bouncing baby boy made m his entrance to the world inside of his parents car along eastbound 100 near the exit for 95. >> the baby is out. >> completely out now? >> yes, yes. >> okay. is the baby crying and breathing? >> yes. >> okay. do you have a towl or a t-shirtt or cloth with you? c >> youlo could hear him crying n the background on the audio tape so it was pretty cool to hear. >> megan stayed on the phone until the medics arrived. this little boy was the third baby born out of delivery roomy in our area in the past three
4:56 am
weeks. on august 1 a woman delivered on the platform of a metro station and last thursday a little girl was born along 270. >> i don't know if people are a waiting longer to get to a hospital or what it is or traffic. not sure. >> either way, p megan said she was honored to be part of one family's special day. >> you have the fear you don't want complications happen. but at the same time you aream excited to be part oe f things that only happen in movies. no matter what happens well, i delivered a baby this morning. >> yeah, i have to wonder what it's like to be talking somebods through versus as we were talking about it here being part of it.of >> it's safer on the other side of phone. >> that was lauren demarco. the brand new baby boy has a name his name is caman. very cute.
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>> the sentencing day for the t army private accused of leaking classified documents. >> and shots fired at a georgia school. what the suspect told police next at 5:00.
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>> good morning. straight up 5:00 on thisis wednesday. a live look outside. hey, hopefully the fog doesn't d look like it's going be as much of an issue as we were seeing yesterday. thick and eerie out. there today you might notice the blue moon. if you do take a picture and send it at and m twit your or facebook as well. >> good morning i'm sarah simmons. >> now we'll bring inyfin tucker barnes to talk about what weut w have in store for today. blue moon wednesday. wed >> blue moon wednesday featuring sunshine and summery temperatures. upper 80s or maybe 90 this afternoon. with the threat of a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. >> kind of back in that pattern again. >> only for a couple days and

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